Mason Daniel Racing - Sprint Car


  • Horsepower:
    360 Sprint Car (750+ HP)
    410 Sprint Car (900+ HP)
  • Weight:
    360 Sprint Car (1,500 lbs.)
    410 Sprint Car (1,400 lbs.)
  • Engine:
    V8, 360 cubic inches, 5.9 liters
    V8, 410 cubic inches, 6.7 liters
  • Tires: Hoosier
  • Wheelbase: 88 inches
  • Fuel: Methanol
  • Wings: 5 ft. x 5 ft.

Mason Daniel's No. 33M Sprint Car is a beast of a machine, with a power-to-weight ratio that rivals that of a Formula One racecar. Positioned just inches in front of his knees is the 360-cubic-inch, 5.9-liter V8 purpose-built racing engine that produces over 750 horsepower in a vehicle that weighs just 1,500 pounds.

The chassis is constructed of light-weight aircraft-quality steel tubing that is extremely strong and constructed to withstand high-speed impacts.

The wings are one of the most distinguishing elements of the car, with a top-wing mounted above the driver’s head that measures approximately five-feet by five-feet and produces a significant amount of downforce. A small front wing is also in place to help balance the car with the appropriate amount of front-end downforce.